Little About Us

Tapu's prime goal is to prepare, package and distribute prominent Ethiopian cultural foods to domestic and international markets. By providing quality food services, we aim at saving our clients’ time in the kitchen so that they would have more time for other important matters.
Our company has got investment license in food and spicy products processing, from Addis Ababa Investment Bureau; export license from the Federal Food, Medicine & Health Care Administration and Control Authority; obtained business logo from the Intellectual Property Rights Authority; and has become eligible to export its products to international destinations – becoming one of the certified food processing industries of the country.

100% Teff

Round, Thin and Flat Ethiopian Bread

What Makes Us Unique

  • Timeliness: Households spend an average of six hours/day in the kitchen. In a way, we aim at saving our customers' time in the kitchen so that they would have more time for other important matters.
  • Food Preparation Ethics: By providing ethically sound, healthy and nutritious foods, our Company is out there to combat unethical food processing practices affecting societal health.
  • Kitchen Space and Facilities: Average households face inadequate kitchen space and facilities necessary for food preparation. Tapu's kitchen, we hope, would fill up this gap as our customers could easily tap into our culinary services.
  • Difficulty in Getting House-Maids: Tapu's kitchen has come up with modest alternative for maid-dependent households.
  • Supply of Food Raw Materials: The general public finds it difficult to get all-in-one-markets for food raw materials. So, Tapu's kitchen is out there to provide prepared foods ready on the table.
Lines of Products
Professional Chefs


  • To prepare, package and distribute prominent Ethiopian traditional foods to domestic and international markets.
  • To deliver Ethiopian traditional foods in an easy-to-take-away modality: The Fast Food Approach!
  • To establish selling points at international destinations.


To see safe and well packed Ethiopian traditional foods available in mainline domestic and international market destinations, by 2025.

Our Values

  • The Fear of God
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality Service
  • Concern for Fellow Citizens

Lunch Boxes

for School Children and Civil Servants: Upon request, we deliver lunch boxes for school children and civil servants.

Our Prime Goal

By providing quality food services for our customers, we aim at bringing solution to the food processing challenges of our time.

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Telephone: +251-966-112233; +251-988-112233
P.O.Box: 102227

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